University of Stirling



Detecting Plagiarism

There are many ways that plagiarism can be detected within your work and below are just a few;

  • Your tutors are very experienced with their subjects and can often recognise ideas, quotes or large amounts of text from sources as they will have no doubt used them in their academic careers.
  • Tutors will be marking almost all of your classes work and will easily spot duplicate or similar pieces of work.
  • There may be a number of cheat sites available with work similar to your own, but be aware your tutor has probably already checked these out after setting the work to see what is available.
  • Tutors have access to electronic detection software which can search through thousands of pieces of work for similarities and use this to identify offences of plagiarism.

Cheating the System

It is not worth the risk to try and cheat the system as almost always students get caught out and can face high penalties for doing so. It is much more beneficial to reference your work properly with correct citations. This not only shows that you respect the hard work which others have put in to researching and developing ideas and knowledge to help you learn but also shows that you have developed and learnt yourself.